Sunday, July 10, 2011


Having just read the first chapter, I am struck by the similarity of the rhythm, word-choice, sentence structure, etc. to many of the songs on Bob Dylan's 1965 album, Bringing It All Back Home; 1965 was a poetic year.

From page six: "had stopped at all the corners where street preachers preached of the golden tides of the future world and harvests of dragons' teeth and reaping the whirlwind, had gone to baseball games in those packed stadiums, watching pitchers pitch the moons, the suns, the stars"

From "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding" : "While preachers preach of evil fates / Teachers teach that knowledge waits"

Mr. Tambourine Man and Gates of Eden are also on that album, and have similar hallucinatory imagery.

In my "rigorous dream" (p. 2) where there is "no landscape but the soul's" (p. 4), Bob Dylan sat at Marguerite Young's feet in Greenwich Village and honed his craft.

P.S. Thanks for inviting me to the book club, I hope this kind of post is fine by y'all.


  1. I like it! At first I didn't know who "Adrienne" was...Hi, Theo!

  2. Hmmm, I think this is Adrienne-Adrienne rather than Theo-Adrienne? Though I could be wrong. There was a note of introduction that was supposed to be sent to everyone which I think I only sent to Will.

  3. Adrienne, nice to meet you. I'll add your initials or "adrienne" and any website to the Readers sidebar if you'd like. (Will also set you as an admin so you can modify it yourself.)

    I wonder if anyone has tried putting Marguerite's 'lyrics' to song. Now that you pointed this out I imagine I'll be hearing melodies while reading.

  4. Hi, yes, this is Adrienne-Adrienne. Hooray!

  5. Great post, whoever you are!