Thursday, July 7, 2011


I tracked down the comment thread which explains how this started.


Blogger dan visel said...

I really feel like a good use of my summer would be reading that - kind of embarrassing how long it's sat on my shelf.
11:30 PM

Blogger Ed Park said...

Agreed...Let's organize a MMMD book club. (It will be the least popular club ever devised.)
1:44 PM

Blogger Will said...

I still have a hideous 2-volume 80s paperback in a slipcase (now that I say that I bet it's by someone famous). Can a book club have just three people?
1:25 PM

Blogger Ed Park said...

Yes! Three. This would actually be the best book club in the history of book clubs. I'm going to nominate Levi Stahl (though he doesn't know it yet), and Damion Searls expressed interest...

Anyone else?

Let's take it one page at a time (I'm kind of serious)...
3:00 PM

Blogger Will said...

Poor Levi.

Ok, I'm in. I love the one-page-at-a-time method. What do you think, group blog or group tumblr for discussion?
1:49 PM

Blogger Levi Stahl said...

I'm in. I have pretty much no idea what I'm in for, but it's not like Ed's ever led me astray (for 1100 pages) before, right?


  1. Those plaidy dotrows are trippin me out, man

  2. The word "dotrows" is tripping *me* out, lads!

    Gearing up for my night-time MMMD page...yessss.....

  3. I like how we're already delving into our shared history...

  4. Remember four posts ago when we talked about line 6 of page 2? Good times.