Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who wrote this?

In the beam of our anarchic head lights which barely cut through mist and darkness, there stood, by the side of the road, a tall man with a child perched on his lean shoulders, a double-headed man, staring at nothingness or beyond it. We were the intruders upon this plain of silence., and he shook his fist, listlessly, perhaps figuring the danger of walking on this road which now, suddenly turning, seemed to go back the way it had gone before. There was now no landscape.

Cormac McCarthy?

No—Marguerite Young! (From MMMD, Chapter 1)

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  1. I like the idea of reading quotes here before reading them in the book for the momentary odd feeling of familiarity when you come to it, and then seeing the sentence before and the sentence after. Also, this woman is the real deal! Did you notice the two uses of 'languorous' on p. 2? She's going to be 'all up in my head' and I'm supremely pleased to have her here. (It took like 3 volumes before I was sure I had done the right thing to let Proust in.) It's also 3am and I'm looped and have to work tomorrow...