Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vast excitement

The sentences! The sentences! I'm ascending Chapter 2 and the view is great. What a writer, lads! I love how the rhythm of the list here creates the atmosphere of that room and the weather inside the mother's head (the same thing).

Heavily laden with jewels as a Greek corpse, my mother, she who had retired from the brutal world, whose eyes were shielded against the vulgar sunlight, slept for tideless years which were her vast excitement, surrounding herself with a world of dreams, visions, phantoms, her bedroom as filled with visitors as the Grand Central Station, some from the shores of Hades, voices of the dead, faded movie stars of the silent flicker films, imaginary telephone operators plugging in at imaginary switchboards, spirits like long-nosed bird dogs, drowned pearl-divers, old kings, old queens, figures older than Oedipus or Troy, New England spinsters with faces checkered like chessboards, jockeys riding the skeletons of dead horses, angelic birds.
Can MY possibly sustain this pitch for the whole book?

What if she does?

What then?


I don't think the beginning of any long book has excited me this much. Can I say such things? I think I'm telling the truth.

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