Monday, July 18, 2011

Blake's foot

On my page 18 (do we all have the same pagination?) there is Mr. Spitzer covering the mother's foot when he arrived each evening.

Mr. Spitzer . . . would lean forward to cover my mother's dimpled foot with a purple drapery . . .

In Blake's Milton, Milton enters the poet through his foot.

With thunders loud and terrible: so Milton's shadow fell
Precipitant loud thund'ring into the Sea of Time & Space.
Then first I saw him in the Zenith as a falling star,
Descending perpendicular, swift as the swallow or swift :
And on my left foot falling on the tarsus, enter'd there,

I'm not all that familiar with Blake, but he loved his angels as much as the mother here and there could be something going on.

I like the idea that Mr. Spitzer has to cover the foot to prevent Milton from entering while he's in the room.

Actually, the more I think about it, there's probably a lot more Blake going on here than Bob Dylan!

Also, does she only have one foot?

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