Thursday, July 7, 2011

More beginnings

And here's Dan's post on Young from April with my comment:

The truth about the opium lady!

I need to figure out when exactly I first tried to read MMMD and why. I think it had something to do with William Goyen (The House of Breath is a favorite book). Post TK.

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  1. Maybe we can package these remembrances as THE WORLD'S LEAST POPULAR BOOK CLUB: ORIGINS.


    I usually have a pretty good memory for when/where/how I acquired books, but I have no idea about MMMD! Odd, considering how big it is. I suspect I bought it at Book Ark, on W. 81st, or else a library book sale/cart. But I have no distinct memory of seeing it and saying, "I need to have this!" (I do remember finding the two-volume paperback/slipcovered edition at a NYPL book sale -- thinking for a moment that I needed it, since my MMMD was only one volume!)